The Serpent


Male Thothian Dwarf 76yo Cleric:9 Neutral Evil


Prince Ror-Meth is a cleric and a merchant who trades slaves on the Kingdom of Thothia located on the Isle of Dawn. He has an import/export business in Ierendi City who has the opportunity of booming now that the Iron Ring is down and Redwig Thellus Hendriks (his sworn enemy) is dead. In the underground he is known as The Serpent.

He recently moved to a mansion located on Beverly Boulevard.

Captain Amunalisum is a friend of Ror-Meth and her ship is one of the ships that he uses to transport slaves between Ochalea, Kingdom of Thothia and other territories of the Alphatian Empire.

Ror-Meth has a warehouse on Port of Waping Piao, a port of Ochalea were he stores some goods when needed to. Sometimes he has slaves there.


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