Rond The Glove



Rond The Glove
Male Ierendi Human Sage: 6 Neutral


Rond The Glove is an Alchemist who lives and sells his potions on the Ierendi City Southshore of Ierendi City. He claims to have connections with the most powerful magicians of Ierendi and to be a secret member of the Cabal of the Volcano or part of Secret Organization of Wizards who rule Ierendi. He has a bad leg and usually carries his potions with himself to sell them on the streets.

Rond The Glove is the son of Biccebos Little Finger. His father had that nickname because he had the little finger of the left hand cut out because he couldn’t pay for a gambling debt. Biccebos was a rogue. Rond’s mother was Leceria The Nails(!), a fortune teller. Both of Rond’s parents died about ten years ago.

Rond The Glove

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