Rolf Stronghollow

Highforge Dwarf


Rolf Stronghollow, male Lawful (LN) Dwarf


Rolf Stronghollow, male Lawful (LN) Dwarf

Rolf hails from the Gnomish city of Highforge deep in the Wufwolde Hills of central Kingdom of Karameikos, where his prominent family of the Stronghollow clan has lived for several generations. Gruff and dour with an unintentional sense of humour, Rolf stands a full 4 feet. His mediocre height is more than made up for with a stout 150 lbs. His dusty skin seems perpetually in need of washing, but this doesn’t seem to bother him. His well-manicured wavy beard is a luxurious dark brown which looks black in any light shy of direct sunlight.

True to his family’s plans for him, Rolf is an engineering genius. It was always his intention to apprentice under his father and take over control and management of the largest mines of the entire clan—as his father did before him. Naturally, life has a way of ruining the best laid-out plan.

Nearing the end of his apprenticeship, Rolf had a nagging and recurring dream telling him that he was needed elsewhere. After a time, he heeded the call and decided to travel to the mystical valley of Haven in search of the magical ruby known as “My Lady’s Heart”.

This decision did not sit well with either his family or his clan, who prides themselves on their regimented life, saying they haven’t changed their way-of-life in hundreds of years. Rolf, steadfast in his choice to heed the call of his vision, was disowned by the clan, never to return. He lost all that he had and all that he was.

Undeterred, he reached Haven to join up with the most ragtag band of adventurers he could imagine, who had also had the same vision he had. On that first, fateful, adventure he was pivotal in destroying the very same gemstone that he had sought to recover. Since that time he has travelled with his new companions… his new family.

To this day he has returned to Highforge only once, after his party rescued several of his former clansmen from a tribe of spider-worshipping goblins. He was offered reconciliation with the clan. He refused. He now adventures in order to, one day, found his own clan, in a new home of his choosing.

Fleetwood, Rolf Stronghollow, Morgan Touchberry and Belrain Callarii were comrades adventurers and are still in contact.

Rolf Stronghollow

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