Rolahem Belmont

Master of exotic weapon


Rolahem Belmont
Neutral Human
Male Rogue 13
43 yrs.


Masters Rolahem Belmont and Sergam Constantin are the owners of the Daggers Fencing School located on the city of Specularum in the Kingdom of Karameikos. They are a retired rouge and wizard whose desire is to see their small yet prestigious school to compete with Renns School of the Blade.

Rolahem is one of the last surviving members of the Belmont clan. For generations the Belmont’s lived in Karameikos. The clan specializes in unconventional weapons and their mission is ever present; stopping the undead wherever they might lurk.

A few years before retirement and the founding of the school, Rolahem met Sergam. They travelled together, alongside a Cleric friend, through Karameikos hunting undead. On one fateful evening, after years of travelling together, they were ambushed by a group of Ghouls, which resulted in the death of their Cleric friend. Rolahem and Sergam barely escaped with their lives decided that it was now time to settle down and leave the undead hunting to younger generations.

Rolahem Belmont

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