Richard Lapix

Store owner


Deovalu Store
Male Human Expert:7 Chaotic


Richard Lapix, better known as “The Rat” and “The Butcher”, is the current owner of Deovalu Store located on Ierendi City Southshore. He is a greedy and selfish bastard who would sell her mother, pay her mother to kill the buyer and then kill her mother to keep all the money for himself. He has ties with The Gaius Gang so there is always one or two of those thugs near him.

The origin of Lapix, his country of origin and how he got the ownership of the store is unknown.

The nickname the “The Rat” comes from his constant communication with criminal groups on the Ierendi Island and the nickname “The Butcher” for an occasion were he cut three fingers of a man who own him money.

Richard Lapix

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