Rebekah Petrie

Ierendi Trade Administration


Rebekah Petrie
Official of the Ierendi Trade Administration Office
Female Ierendian Human Expert: 5/ Aristocrat: 5 Lawful


Rebekah Petrie is a political and social wonder, an example if the Ierendi way of life. She was born on the MInrothad Guilds to Ierendian traders. When she was younger, she was raised by Makai and was adopted into the Makai Shamani and later the Peoples Temple religions. She was prisoner of pirates, served in the Ierendi Royal Navy and married to an elven trader of the Thyatian Empire. At her 40 years old, the young Rebekah Petrie is the youngest member of any department head on Ierendi. She directs the Ierendi Trade Administration with strong hand.

Rebekah Petrie

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