Cooker of Pomponius Cuisine


Male Ierendi Dwarf Expert:9 Chaotic Good


Pomponius is a dwarf who’s ancestors arrived to Ierendi two generations ago from the Thyatian Empire. Pomponius always wanted to be a chef in the King’s Castle but Ierendi Castle has its own resident chef. So Pomponius started to learn how to cook exotic dishes from makai cookers. He traveled all the isles including White Island to learn about the flora and fauna and ended in Safari Island with his own restaurant Pomponius Cuisine were he acquires meat from slayed monsters and prepares exotic meals.

He is so famous on the archipelago that still travels and cooks for different personalities like the governors of Honor Island and Fletcher Island to mention a few.

Pomponius has a genius and can lose his temper easily if he thinks that his food is been insulted or just under appreciated in any way.


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero