Pinero Iaguis

The Stone


Master Pinero Iaguis
Male Ierendian Human 50yo Fighter:4/Expert:5 Chaotic


Master Pinero Iaguis ancestors were colonist from the Thyatian Empire and were on the wrong side of the war when the rebellion of Ierendi happened many years ago. This doesn’t stop this man to live and work on Ierendi. " I don’t care if everyone hates me, I despise everyone. " He is an angry man. He lives in a big house located on top of his warehouse on Ierendi City Marketplace.

One of his stores in Ierendi City is the Petra Nostra. He is a person of infamous reputation who has been under investigation by the Ierendi Royal Guard a few times. In the underground he is known as The Stone.

Pinero Iaguis

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