Half-Orc Druid


Otugan the Pathseeker
Male Half-Orc Neutral Evil Druid:1


Otugan is rough in appearance, with braided auburn hair and sharp green eyes. he wears hide armor and wields a scimitar. He uses small animal skulls theme with his clothing. He comes from the Broken Lands were he was seen as other Orcs as an outcast both for his chosen profession and his half-human heritage. He worships the forces of nature and has a special bond with his Wolf “Teeth’s” that goes with him everywhere.

He is slow to trust, but intelligent and wise. He is not very fast but will fight with bravery if needs to. He has traveled from his home land to the Kingdom of Karameikos and after been contacted by Benedetto Difusallo and convinced to, he has traveled to Threshold in search of an opportunity to improved his knowledge of nature and magic.

Player: Mario A. Galero


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero