Chieftain of the Quikasa Gnolls


Chieftain Onedea
Chieftain of the Quikasa Gnolls on the Mountains of Ice
Bandits of Ochalea
Male Quikasa Gnolls 42yo Barbarian: 12 Chaotic Evil


Chieftain Onedea is the dangerous leader of the Quikasa Gnolls that plague the Celestial Territories specially the Great Dragon Spires. He is cruel and only respects and fears the leaders of the local Demon Cults, like the mad Kana and Shan Hou-Yan.

Toupil explains the Band of the Wolf that Onedea and his gnolls live in the Mountains of Ice in a place called the Ice Caves of the Quikasa. His tribe is a large one with around 200 gnolls, some of them ride Dire Boars but he usually travels with groups of 50 – 70 gnolls to leave protection on his village.

There is a government reward of 3,000gps for killing this criminal and disbanding his army. The reward is paid at the Waping Piao Military Quarters located on the city of Waping Piao. The body or head can be can be shown to any military patrol as evidence.

During the events Ambushing Onedea, the Band of the Wolf killed Onedea, some of his high ranking officers and 50 of his gnolls decimating his army.


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero