Deep Gnome


Deep Gnome Male Rogue:3/Dungeon Dweler:3


Oficio’s real name is unknown, he has no papers and no working permits but knows his way around all the upper and lower levels of Highforge that he has so many ways to escape the authorities and he can go almost everywhere he wants. He sometimes pops up from inside a dumpster or sewer speaks to people selling or buying stuff and then disappears the way he came without a trace.

He is a street vendor, an illegal miner and sometimes a smuggler. He speaks in a soft voice, always looking over his shoulder and hiding from authorities. Not everything he sells is of good quality and many are “used” items with “previous owners” who “misplaced” them. Doing business with Oficio is not considered a serious crime per se, but those who do, should be sure that the items brought are not inspected by the guard, just in case. The cat and mouse chase that the guard has with him all the time is like a game to the deep gnome.


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero