Oedilus Cabanis

Trusted Servant


Oedilus Cabanis
Male Thyatian Human 69yo Fighter: 7 Neutral Good


Oedilus Cabanis was a trusted friend of both Troyus Machistes and Suliana Mulatovilus who took into his and that of his wife Lara to take care of the newborn Caida and even gave her his name until she was old enough to claim his real surname Machistes from her father.

After the dead of his wife Lara, Oedilus moved to the County of Cabanis to help his adopted daughter raise and protect her own children.

Oedilus Cabanis, blind with fever and wounds of his travels, on his last dying breath, gives Troyus Bloodstone a letter that was meant for Troyus Machistes. Letter from Caesonia Scipio Machiste to Troyus Machiste.

Oedilus Cabanis

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