Odessyn McNestmont

First Minister of Myland


First Minister and Wizard Odessyn McNestmont
Male Halfling 75yo Wizard: 30 / Gold Dragonologist (MoM): 5 Lawful Neutral


Odessyn McNestmont was a happy halfling from the Five Shires that traveled west and joined a growing group that was later known as The King Companions. His curiosity led him to study magic under the tutelage of Sir Atrey Gariat and later become one of the most powerful mages of the Kingdom of Nathania. He was appointed prime minister of Duchy of Myland when that domain was conquered by King Dauriat Nathan and his son Edward was given the domain as an Archiduke.

For a time, Odessyn was the prime minister of the whole Kingdom when Atrey disappeared in a mission to the lost city of Dragonkind. He wrote many books on magic and history fueled by the findings of his comrades on their travels. He edited and finished many of the works of his teacher Atrey.

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Odessyn McNestmont

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