Noole Kindred

Officer of the Royal Navy


Noole Kindred
Male Ierendian Halfling Rogue: 4/ Fighter: 5


Captain Noole Kindred is an officer on the Ierendi Royal Navy on the ship The Azure Storm. He is in bad terms with Admiral Julius Corcha and wants to leave the navy to become the leader of the Ierendi Royal Guard a desire that places him head to head with Captain Eligea Stormbreaker.

He and his trusted band of followers (about 12 Fighter:2) try to solve problems on Ierendi City before the Royal Guard just to prove that he can do the job. He calls his group the " Kindred’s Paladins ".

Captain Kindred lives in a big house located on Ierendi City Marketplace.

The Pirate Goldo Blacksoul finally crossed the line and killed Noole Kindred he is marked with a reward of 4,000gps for killing a Ierendi Royal Navy Officer.

Noole Kindred

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