Albarendi Warrior


Male Makai (Albarendi) Human Monk:15 Lawfull


Noloki is the hero and best warrior of Utter Island. Even when he is a pacifist and a believer in the Makai Shamani Faith he had a series of battles in the past that have gained him fame. Pirates, lizardfolks and even a ship with Thyatian Empire’s Legionaries have been some of his victories. Rumors talk about how he kick the face of a hill giant and songs tell how he wrestled giant crocodiles and even a dire shark.

Five years ago Noloki represented the Albarendi people on a series of Adventurer’s Tournaments on Ierendi City and he won. He is an honorary member of the Adventurers Club Headquarters since.


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero