Nazahn Tun

Nazahn Tun of the Revered Blades


Elder Nazahn Tun of the Revered Blades (Sonkei burēdo)
Male Ochalean Rakasta 65yo Expert: 20 Neutral
Str: 20 ( + 5), Dex: 16 ( + 2), Con 17 ( + 3), Int: 16 ( + 2), Wis: 15 ( + 1), Cha: 13 ( + 1)
Apraise: + 20, Craft (Armor): + 27 (23 ranks), Craft (Weapon): + 27 (23 ranks)
Melee + 20/ + 15/ + 10
Katana + 5 + Lycanthrope Bane, + Good, + Keen 1d10 + 10 15 – 20/x2


Elder Nazahn Tun of the Revered Blades is the head of a Rakastas clan located on the Celestial Territories of Ochalea. He is not a cleric himself, but is known for his expertise crafting mastercraft weapons including adamantine and magical swords. He lives on a small Rakasta village on edge of the Jungle of the Tiger Men called the Village of Nimshi. Nazahn Tun lives at the Nimshi Daimyos Palace but is almost all the time crafting at the Nimshi Armorer, he also works at the Nimshi Town Hall when the village needs him to take action or make decisions for the whole community. Some of his sons and daughters are Chaei The White, Venter The Black, Akane The Red, Gina The Silver, Kin The Gold, and Midori The Green.

Nazahn Tun has crafed and armed the best Rakastas fighters of all Ochalea and his sons and daughters, brothers and sisters and even friends have used his weapons to kill weretigers, ogres and even dragons. He is considered a formidable warrior and rides a dire tiger into battle, whose name is Savage.

He is know as the master of the revered blades and his crafting can be identified for the quality and beauty. His famous Revered Blades are a set of nine Katanas + 5 that make him famous: three were crafted for the Archiduke Teng Lin-Dieu, one for the Province Governor Guin Po, one for his son Venter Tun, one for himself. The owners or destiny of the other three katanas is unknown.

Nazahn Tun

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