Nade Vix Lopus



Nade Vix Lopus
Male Ierendi Human Rogue:4/Fighter:4 Chaotic Evil


Nade Vix Lopus is the last member of the infamous Blackscar Guild of rogues who had considerable power on Ierendi Island specially on Ierendi City more than 10 years ago.

A member of the Ierendi Royal Guard, Eligea Stormbreaker was able to dismantle their operation and arrest all high level members. The persecution lasted for about three months, with members trying to escape the islands, dying in combat against the guard or been arrested. Later on, many of them died on their first three years of prison. Nade was not one of them, he survive for many years.

Nade allied with another convict, Long John Silver who was arrested for smuggling and was sentence to jail. They protected their backs and survive for a considerable number of years. Nade never revealed the secrets of the Blackscar Guild is rumored that when another member of the guild was about to reveal information he will kill him.

Nade Vix Lopus was found dead on the bathroom of Aloysius Island’s jail. The theory is that he was killed by other inmates. An investigation is been conducted by the Ierendi Royal Guard on Jortan.

Nade Vix Lopus

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