Mungo Ship-Shearer

Retired Pirate


Mungo Ship-Shearer
Male Halfling 72yo Fighter:17 Neutral Good
Former King of Ierendi


Mungo Ship-Shearer (Halfling Fighter 17), was the previous King of Ierendi. He is an old man, getting sick and worn out. He’s had enough of trying to herd cats to last him a lifetime. And he’s uncertain of what to do about the building problems and has decided to just pass the buck. Almost everything he does now is intended to move the nation’s problems to help his successors.

He once had a pet project to build underwater ships for piracy and exploration of the sea floor; this project occupied a fair amount of his energies on his king days and it was his favorite thing to work on.

Mungo is married to Hannah Ship-Shearer(!) (Halfling Wizard 13), has been married to Mungo for sixty years and has borne him many children, of whom about half are still alive. They live in a big sea shore mansion on Ambassadors Quarters but are rumored to have other mansions around the islands. Mungo likes to play cards with old friends and talk about the past.

Mungo Ship-Shearer

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