Morgan Touchberry

Halfling Adventurer


Morgan Touchberry, male Lawful (NG) Halfling


Morgan Touchberry, male Lawful (NG) Halfling

Morgan Touchberry, a Hin who prefers using his family name (he finds it amusing that humans seem to think it sounds so funny), appears rather average for a halfling. At three feet even and a portly 60 lbs., Touchberry has short (but thick) wavy dark brown hair, light brown eyes, and a lightly tanned complexion. The pads of his feet are well worn, dark and leathery. His foothair is just as soft, thick, and wavy as the hairs on his head.

In addition to the size of a human child, he also has the curiosity and temperament of one. Never satisfied, Touchberry has been constantly changing his home, his job, even the story of his past. If you ask him where he’s from, you might get any number of responses. Among his favourite answers are “over there, didn’t you see me walk up to you”, “I’m an immigrant from my loving and peaceful home of Highshire”, “I’m a refugee from the Black Eagle”, and “I’m a travelling bard from the great and sprawling metropolis of Leeha, far to the north in cold and rugged Norwold”.

Despite his childlike temperament, no one can say that Touchberry doesn’t have determination and perseverance. Completely lacking any manner of talent, Touchberry has styled himself as a travelling bard—and he’s practiced till his fingers bled to teach himself the skill required to make up for his lack of talent.

Touchberry’s adventuring career began by accident when, as a stowaway on a merchant vessel travelling between Ierendi and Minrothad Guilds, he became trapped deep inside an island labyrinth guarded by a bloodthirsty minotaur. He escaped certain doom by utilizing his quick wit and a quite bit of knowledge of a multitude of riddles.

One evening, in his many random travels, Touchberry happened across a small, secluded valley overlooked by a magnificently ruined palace. Of course, he absolutely had to investigate. There, he later learned, a band of adventurers had been called to defeat a great evil. Naturally, he tagged along. Since it was so much fun, nearly dying from a poisoned needle trap hidden on a lever (such an odd place for a trap), that he’s still tagging along with the same bunch of fellows.

For a brief time, he was a member of the nefarious The Veiled Society —that was until he discovered that the Veiled Society was out to get his adventuring party (meaning the folks he’s been following all this time).

With all of this seeming random happenings, Touchberry is not so chaotic as all that. He has a very good reason for each and every decision he makes… he’s just not always sure what that reason is until after the fact.

Fleetwood, Rolf Stronghollow, Morgan Touchberry and Belrain Callarii were comrades adventurers and are still in contact.

Morgan Touchberry

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