Monika Chronus

Owner of The Rose of Valerias


Monika Chronus
Female 39yo Human Expert: 9


Monika Chronus The Rose of Valerias Owner Monika Chronus, a devout member of The Church of Karameikos, views her establishment as a symbol of unity in the Grand Duchy.

Beniamin Zugravescu is a very talkative man, he likes to gossip about his neighbors. Beniamin Zugravescu tells Valora Venatti that Monika Chronus was a very young woman back then and his father wanted to marry her to a young merchant by the name of Ignor Ilyov. Both her father and her fiance died at the hands of Bargle and she eventually used the money to buy The Rose of Valerias. Her fiance Ignor had a book about Zelligar and Rogahn that Bargle stole. " She was very lucky that night not to die in the hands of the Infamous Wizard. "

Monika Chronus

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