Moana The Fair

Pirate Captain


Moana The Fair
Female Makai Human Rogue: 6/ Fighter: 6


Captain Moana The Fair was a very beautiful makai woman that raised in fame for her bravery, beauty and her skill with the sword. She disappeared 12 years ago after a fight against Devrim AKuntesh. She opposed Devrim in many occasions and fought him in an open adventurers duel that ended with Devrim humiliated.

Moana was Captain of the ship called “The Black Tide” ( M-Galley ), had a sea dragon as a figurehead, a set of red and blue sails and a white flag with a black tide. Rumors are that she hid a treasure on one of the islands of Ierendi and that the map was lost on the battle she fought against Devrim AKuntesh.

Moana The Fair

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