Merkel Duncan

Elven Ranger of Alfheim


Merkel Duncan of Clan Grunalf
High Elven Male
Ranger(8)/Fighter(1)/Tamer of Beasts(1)
Age: 168
Characteristics: Grey eyes, jet black hair, pale-ish skin tone, 5’4’’(133 lb.)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Deity: Corellon Larethian
Family Core: Elarion (Father, Ranger); Swaynee (Mother, Druid); Kietra (Sister, Herbalist)

Companions: Faux ( Merkel Duncan Companion ) and Syl (Merkel Duncan Companion)


Overview: A slightly mischeavous elf from the Kingdom of Alfheim who dedicated most of his lifetime patroling the Canolbarth Forest, providing safe passage and hunting the dangers lurking in it. Though he developed many interests he is more commonly known for his knack for adventure and monster hunting, which Clan Grunalf’s trademark. Anybody who has worked with or known this elf would know better than to expect him to adhere to any set of rules, though he often understands their neccesity. That being said, he stands for personal freedom and openly advocates against slavery and forcing decision upon others.

Merkel spent most of his early childhood amongst many of his family members. It was tradition that, before you began your own path you had to learn from other members in your family core. Merkel learned the most from his father, Elarion, who was a well-seasoned Ranger and respected hunter amongst the clan. His mother, Swaynee, instructed Merkel in religion and overall knowledge of natural occurrences, whereas his sister Kietra taught him what little she knew about herbalism and its usefulness in healing. This tradition was important in Merkel’s family because they were overly proud of their own achievements. Merkel’s family was widely known across Alfheim, mainly due to his father’s exploits and the small shop set up by his mother and sister, where they prepared herbs for the purpose of long term healing of illnesses and ailments, useful for when the members returned from their hunts. Laslty, Merkel was known to be very protective of his family members.

Escaping boredoom and seeking the thrill for adventure, he joined up with the Band of the Wolf with whom he has shared many adventurous experiences across the land, visiting places such as the Kingdom of Karameikos and even Ierendi. Rumor has it that this small town elf is currently off exporing the Celestial Territories in what would be the band’s latest mischief adventure.

He is always seen traveling the lands beside his trusty wolf companion, Faux.

Player: Hector C. gu4chu

Merkel Duncan

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