Merkel Duncan

Elven Ranger of Alfheim


Merkel Duncan of Clan Grunalf
High Elven Male Ranger
Age: 167
Characteristics: Grey eyes, jet black hair, pale-ish skin tone, 5’4’’(133 lb.)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Within the Kingdom of Alfheim lives Merkel Duncan, an elven ranger that has dedicated his life to patrolling and hunting within the Canolbarth Forest. Having recently achieved an adult stage, he lives by a set of rules subject to his own understanding and perception of the situation, often ignoring any set of rules. He lives following Corellon’s example, ensuring safe passage and protecting all who enter the forest, save for vile creatures and humanoids from the Broken Lands, which he lives to hunt. This elf, in his years of solitude, has accumulated many tales of adventure and wonder that await just outside of the reaches of this forest, which has lived in prosperous peace for the last 400 centuries or so. There isn’t much for Merkel to actually do and, just like all elves, he dreads boredom.
Merkel, who was always looking for new places to explore, new challengers to overcome and new tales to hear, has been hearing reports of goblinoid tribes stirring trouble all across the land. The most recent, the so called Dread Horde in the Kingdom of Karameikos; news travels fast across merchants and Merkel was always on the lookout. With the rise of younger rangers, and the increased reports of humanoid mischief across the land, Merkel felt it was time to venture past the Canolbarth forest, and explore the land of Mystara in search of vile creatures and seeking out untold mysteries throughout the land.

Rumor has it he has arrived on the land of Ierendi, one would say this elf is having the time of his life amongst the dangers in this new land.
Player: Hector C. gu4chu

Merkel Duncan

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