Drunk Old Captain Marlboro of the Laughing Death


Drunk Old Captain Marlboro
Captain of the Laughing Death
Ierendi male Halfling Fighter:10/Monk:4/Drunken Master:3 Chaotic Good
(Con: 20)


Marlboro is the bitter old enemy of Captain Goldo Blacksoul, with whom he has been rivals since childhood ( or so Marlboro claims as he was raised in Safari Island and Goldo in the Thyatian Empire ). He is determined to be the next King of Ierendi at any cost, even if it means assassinating other captains. He spends a fair amount of his time stirring up trouble for the current King, whether by making his attacks on other countries’ shipping look like King’s command or by causing riots between Pirates and townsfolk. He is getting old and no longer worries about the future of Ierendi; he just wants to get one-up on the King before he dies.

Ironically, if he became King, he’d actually largely continue the same policies. Marlboro no longer drinks much, ironically, but he can hold his liquor better than even dwarves, having once drunk the previous Kingdom of Rockhome ambassador under the table. Marlboro has only one eye, one hand, and one foot, thanks to past incidents, but has replaced all three with magical items. He is captain of the Laughing Death.

Marlboro worked for many years the coast of the Isle of Dawn and even stayed on land visiting the newform nations of the Plateau of the Isle of Dawn. There he meet a famous Drunken Master and Inn Keeper named Corcira. He fell in love with her and gained a series of beatings from her. She told him to “Go find a crown, maybe if you are king I can see you a little less ugly.” And that’s the history of why he wants to be king.


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero