Margarita of the Atruaghin Clans
Female Human Atraughin Commoner: 7 Neutral


Margarita was born on the Atruaghin Clans and was abducted as a girl by pirates of the Republic of Darokin. She served as a cooker for her masters for many years until her escape. She found her way to Tokraka and stayed there. At her arrival to the village she was adopted by Surzula and she is currently following the Makai Shamani and is a believer of The Respect of Dead dogma of her faith.

Her name is the darokian name of the Daisy Flower. Her original name was Xochime but she has been so many years speaking the darokian language that she is used to the name Margarita.

Margarita’s Fourth of Maia
Each 4 days Margarita prepares a special banquet for the visitors. The banquet was originally associated to a festivity of the Thyatian Empire’s goddess Maia (an immortal of the oceans), and is called by the natives The Fourth of Maia. In that banquet Margarita is in charge of some of the exotic drinks and foods. As she has travelled a lot she prepares for the visitors the best she can mix and match from many cultures. Her most famous drink is named after her “Margarita”, a drink prepare with lemon juice and a strong atraughin liquor served with salt on the border of the glass. She also has a special tortilla menu with different foods to eat inside her tortillas including tomato, lettuce, avocado, fish, meat, chicken and onions, all of them chopped in tiny little pieces.


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