Marcus Derek

Keeper of the Spellpool


Sir Marcus Derek
Master of the Arcane Order
Keeper of the Spellpool
Wizard: 12/ Mage of the Arcane Order: 3
Human Neutral Evil from the Principalities of Glantri


" Yes…yes! I do believe this will work splendidly. I simply must show my colleagues this! "

Marcus Derek is a member of the Arcane Order of the Principalities of Glantri, they are also called “guildmages”. The academy is called the Order in casual conversation, or sometimes just “that college of wizardry.” It is both a school for fledgling spellcasters and a guild for those of advanced knowledge and power.

Marcus Derek was originally from the Principality of Aalban, but a long time apprentice and fan of both his prince General Jaggar von Drachenfels and the Great Magician Étienne d’Ambreville.

For a time Marcus Derek decided to be an adventurer and so he did with the group called Dusk and Dawn and he gained a moderate amount of fame both as a member of that group and as a mentor of spellcasters of other nations. He later returned to Glantri to follow the steps of his mentor Sir Arcanus(!) of the Arcane Order. He is now one of the Keepers of the Spellpool with a title of Master.

Marcus Derek is a widowed who fathered a son named Raizak Derek.

Marcus Derek

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