Mani Garriandi

Gnome Bard


Mani Garriandi
Neutral Good Female Gnome Bard:1
63yo, 46lbs, 3’6”


It’s known that some people suffer from an undeniable wanderlust when they come of age. Many leave home and never return, lost in bewilderment by the wanders of the world. Few know that even distant descendants carry on the wanderlust. So even ordinary humans with no known ancestors can suffer from this extreme wanderlust, and leave home. Mani is a noble on the Kingdom of Rockhome, and left home having been struck by wanderlust. Stranded in a faraway land, she quickly spent her family savings (of a Wealthy-Titled Social Class) and now must lower her standards to survive among the filthy common folk.

Mani Garriandi

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