Magda Marilenev

Lady Magda Marilenev


Lady Magda Marilenev
Leader of Clan Marilenev
Female Human Aristocrat 3 Expert 3
NE Medium Humanoid


Magda was the young wife of Valor Marilenev 40 years ago, when the Marilenev Rebellion was put down. In the conflict, the bulk of the Marilenev clan was killed, and Magda’s own children, Britan and Caspar, were captured by Stefan Karameikos’s forces, who were in turn ambushed by orcs, killing all.

Since then, widowed, childless, stripped of much of her power, and (to her thinking) humiliated by Stefan, she has grown bitter and spiteful, using what resources remain to plot against the royal family. Though her home is in Castle Marilenev, Lady Magda lives in Mirros for most of the year.

Lady Magda is, in public, gracious and charming, easily the equal of Queen Olivia in professional niceness. Behind the scenes, however, she humbles her servants, plots to disrupt royal affairs and embarrass the royal family, and in general plans and executes as much petty nastiness as she can get away with.

Lady Magda has a special hate of Baron Zemiros Sulescu because he refused to join the rebellion started by her husband. She had plotted openly against him and has plans to take over the Barony of Sulescu if the Baron dies without an heir.

Nathaniel J. Flint discovers that Lady Magda Marilenev is moving her contacts in the capital to get the votes in favor of taking control of the Barony of Sulescu once the twins are dead and no heirs are alive. As a law, Baron Zemiros Sulescu has to leave the Barony to someone chosen by the Council of Nobles of the Kingdom of Karameikos and at this moment she is first in line to get a Barony.

Evram Andriev works for Lady Magda Marilenev and she wants Sulescu for herself. She wants to be sure that Baron Zemiros Sulescu dies before her and leaves no heir. Evram is working with Fzoul Chembryl and two Veiled Society Thug. Some of the City Guard are with Evram. The Band of the Wolf capture Evram and save his father Vasil Andriev from his traitorous sword. Fzoul and the Veiled Society Thugs escape. There is not enough evidence to place Lady Magda in jail but enough to damage her reputation.

Magda Marilenev

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