Mad Greeg

Pirate Captain and First King of Ierendi


King Mad Greeg
Male Hattian Human Lawful Evil Rogue:4/Fighter:10


Mad Greeg, an ambitious and brutal pirate with a charismatic personality and a clever tactical mind. He was told to speak 10 different languages and to have a patch with a magical carved demon eye in it. There are many rumors about Mad Greeg, the first, that he was really, really mad, some said that it was with power others by an ancient nithian curse. Some spoke about Mad Greeg luck and power that its source was he acquiring the Hope Stones.

He inspired a rebellion among all the prisoners and pirates on the 600’sAC against the Thyatian Empire who had slave all of Ierendi. Exploiting the corrupt colonial bureaucracy and enlisting natives made desperate by Thyatian cruelty, the pirate leader also effectively bribed many guards to leave the islands. The native faction was also convinced to help overthrow the Thyatians because of poor treatment by the foreigners.

After the rebellion, Mad Greeg was proclaimed King Greeg The First and Ierendi was declared a free nation. Greeg tried to leave in a few ocassions, eventually gave up his desire for freedom (and his hate for the responsibilities of his forced political work) and become a good king.

The Legacy:
He proclaimed himself the First King of Ierendi, King Greeg. Shortly before his dead he named his successor a bastard son nicknamed Black Toes. Black Toes later married a foreign Kerhy Mattrongle, adopted her surname and started the Mattrongle line who stooped a few generations back. He was called King Mattringle The First. His descendants built Ierendi Castle but Mad Greeg was the one who convert the Thyatian dungeons under the castle to store some of his treasures. Black Toes was the fist king to establish the first laws, a Council of Lords (who will later become the Ierendi Tribunal) and an alliance with the Cabal of the Volcano.
In 913 AC Prince Aloun Greeg Mattringle was trying to find his ancestors treasure, he become mad, he ordered Mad Greeg’s body to be dug out and animated by a Wizard. The skeleton body (with his sword, clothes and eye patch) was always in the company of his grandson who usually will ask him for advice and sometimes order the skeleton to attack people.

The Tomb of King Greeg The First and the Catacombs of the Mattrongle Lineage are both located currently on the Ierendi Castle Dungeon. What few people know is that they weren’t originally there. You see, the Ierendi Castle was built after the dead of King Greeg the First. He was originally buried at the city’s cemetery. When the castle was built they moved his tomb to the castle. "_

The Black Skull:
Captain Mad Greeg pirate ship, the The Black Skull ( M-Galley ) was sunk by the Thyatian Empire on the coast of Safari Island. It had black sails, a white flag with a black skull in it and a figurehead of a mermaid. Story tells that years later, King Greeg returned to the place of the battle and rescued some parts of the ship, including the figurehead and the wheel. Those items never arrived to his mansion in Ierendi City.

The Lost Treasure:
Many speak about a secret treasure Mad Greeg buried somewhere on one of the islands or maybe on more than one (a very big treasure). This rumor has created more than a thousand false treasure maps and legends about the size and location of Mad Greeg’s lost treasure.

Mad Greeg

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