Luvin Valurescu

Former Baron of Threshold


Luvin Valurescu.
Aristocraft: 12 Neutral Evil Male


Baron Luvin Valurescu was the noble that ruled the small Barony of Threshold in the years from 799AC to 869AC. He was a man of some greed and not much military knowledge who almost lost the barony to goblins and orcs, but he was genuine worried about his people and even used his Castle Mistamire as a refuge during an orc attack.

Baron Valurescu was also known for his love of his castle, who he claim to have been built in top of ancient ruins that give him good luck and fortune. He was also a religious man who gave donations to the Church of Traladara and who’s closer ad visor was always a Cleric of that Church.

He was known to be a friend of heroes Zelligar and Rogahn and to gain a lot of riches doing business with them. He share his benefits with a group of local merchants and crafters.

Papers show that the line of the Valurescu ended when a werewolf killed his last descendant, his only son Barin, in the year 878 AC. Werewolves and other Lycanthorpes are a natural occurrence and one of the many monstrous dangers of the Kingdom of Karameikos area.

Luvin Valurescu

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