Lundira Styvros

The Widow Styvros


Lundira Styvros
Female Human Expert:6/Wizard:4


Mrs. Lundira Styvros (a.k.a. “The Widow Styvros”), despised her husband for his lack of ambition. For years she nagged him to buy more ships, sail to new lands, and undermine his competitors. She endured his smug, condescending tone and shuttered as he prattled on about conservative growth and maintaining his position. By most standards, Ludvar Styvros was a moderately successful merchant. He owned three ships, a small warehouse near the docks, held no debts, and had 1,000 gold pieces in reserve against tough times.

When she had had enough of Ludvar’s cowardice, Lundira Styvros asked him one last time to expand his business and aggressively pursue a greater fortune. When he started to give his standard answer, she stepped up behind him and plunged a nine inch needle through the base of his skull. Mr. Styvros died instantly. After stashing his body in a wax sealed barrel in the warehouse (where it still lies today) and convincing their friends and associates that he’d simply disappeared, Mrs. Styvros took over her husband’s business and immediately launched into a high risk gamble to quadruple his fortune in less than a year. Six months later, all three ships lay at the bottom of the sea. The warehouse stood empty. Even the 1,000 gold pieces was gone.

Lundira Styvros spent the next fifteen years barely surviving, doing whatever it took to avoid selling the warehouse, her one remaining asset. When a local brigand, infamous for his audacity and willingness to take outrageous risks, approached Lundira about using her warehouse to store his ill-gotten loot, she jumped at the chance.

Over the next five years, Mrs. Styvros built a reputation among the most ruthless thieves and murderers as a woman who could keep their precious booty safe. At one point, she even allowed an evil, outlaw wizard to construct and use secret rooms below the warehouse. In exchange, he taught her the rudiments of wizardry. Within six months, she murdered him for his spell book.

At present, the Styvros Mercantile Exchange houses stolen goods, murdered bodies, and kidnapped victims for a dozen infamous criminals. The five large barrels nearest the secret hatch into the dungeon are sealed with wax to hide the stench of the corpses within. Mrs Styvros lives in a small house in the a respectable neighborhood of Ambassadors Quarters.

Lundira Styvros

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