Ludwig von Hendriks

Baron Black Eagle


Baron Ludwig von Hendriks, “The Black Eagle”, Level 11 Elite Soldier
Medium natural humanoid XP 1200
Initiative + 11 Senses Perception + 6
HP 228 Bloodied 114
AC 29; Fortitude 22, Reflex 25, Will 25
Resist Fire 5 Necrotic 5
Saving Throws + 3 (Human Elite) Action Points 1
Speed 5
m Bastard Sword (standard; at – will) | Martial, Weapon
+ 18 vs. AC; 1d10 + 6 and the target has –2 to hit the Black Eagle until the end of his next turn. + 2d12 damage on a crit.
M Defensive Stance (standard; at – will) | Martial, Weapon
+ 18 vs. AC; 1d8 + 5 damage and Baron Ludwig adds + 2 to his own AC until the end of his next turn. + 2d12 damage on a crit.
M The Black Eagle COMMANDS IT! (standard; at – will) | Martial, Weapon
Baron Ludwig swaps squares with an ally, then the ally conducts a basic melee attack at a target of his choice, adding + 5 to damage.
Sacrifice Minion (Immediate Interrupt; at – will)
Whenever the Black Eagle is about to take melee damage, he may swap squares with an adjacent ally, who becomes the victim of the attack, taking the normal effects if it beats the appropriate defences. This does not trigger powers affected by shifting, nor does it draw opportunity attacks.
Hard to Kill (Immediate Reaction; encounter)
When bloodied, the Baron gains Regeneration 6 for the rest of the encounter.
Run For His Life (Immediate Reaction; encounter)
When reduced to 20 or less hit points, the Baron immediately shifts six squares.
Evil Overlord
Whenever an ally of the Black Eagle is reduced to 0 HP or less defending him, he gets 14 Temporary Hit Points.
Desperation State
Whenever the Black Eagle spends an action point to take an extra action, he recovers 57 HP. If it is a move action, he can double his speed for that one action.
Alignment Evil Languages Common (thick Hattian accent)
Skills Athletics + 13, Bluff + 15, Diplomacy + 13 * , History + 15, Insight + 11, Intimidate + 18, Streetwise + 15
Str 17 ( + 8) Dex 18 ( + 9) Wis 13 ( + 6)
Con 18 ( + 9) Int 21 ( + 10) Cha 21 ( + 10)
Equipment + 2 Black Iron Plate, + 3 Vicious Bastard Sword, Baronial Crown of the Black Eagle (Level 12, + 3 Diplomacy and Intimidate) *


Duke Stefan Karameikos’s cousin and nemesis, the dark ruler of the dark barony of dark Western Karameikos domain of Hagar. He wears black and silver and flies the sigil of the Black Eagle.

The Duke’s Law is not obeyed here; only the Black Eagle’s Law is followed. That law is: Obey the Baron or Die. Laws change from day to day, with his whims; it may be legal to commit murder one day, illegal to eat the next. All crimes are punishable by death unless the Baron chooses to show leniency. This he does when he thinks the person will cause him more amusement if left alive.

The peoples of Fort Doom (formerly Halag) are mostly Traladaran fishermen. Each fishing family is required to leave a family member hostage with the guards; should a fisherman sail away, the hostage will be killed. The guardsmen are humans and some imported orcs; other nasty humanoids, particularly bugbears, walk the streets at will and occasionally fight for the Baron. This is a haunted and ugly place, and, except for Baron Ludwig, Bargle, and the numerous guards and mercenaries who live high off the sweat of others, everyone would love to flee Fort Doom. Because those who flee are hunted down, often caught, and always killed when caught, few people escape.

Ludwig is the cousin of the Grand Duke. Although the two do not get along, the Grand Duke has taken no actions against his cousin, dispite all the claims from the Halflings from the Five Shires that raids are constantly coming from the black eagle barony. During these raids halflings are taken for slaves. The Grand Duke has investigated on numerous occasions, but has never found any evidence. He was killed by Abhorson and his group of Freedom Fighters known as Dusk and Dawn.

He is adviced by Bargle.

Ludwig von Hendriks

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