Lucius Callidius

Hand of the Queen


Lucius Callidius: Hand to the Queen
Class: Expert
Hit Dice:d6 HP: 47
Ability Scores:
Str 11
Dex 14
Con 12
Int 15
Wis 14
Cha 16

Diplomacy 12
Bluff 10
Disguise 5
Listen 10
Spot 9
Swim 6
Sense Motive 12
Appraisal 7
Read Lips 8
Decipher Script 5


Lucius Callidius: Hand to the Queen
Lucius was born in Hagar. He grew up working at the docks and hanging around with his best friend Jericho and surfing. His parents were among those who disappeared during the Baron’s raids and he went to live with his uncle’s family.
After Jericho left Hagar he spent most of his time working and helping his family always keeping close ties with Jericho’s family.
After the fall of Black Eagle he began working with the development of Hagar’s ports and shipyards. His involvement as a leader behind the success of Hagar’s growing economy draw the attention of the queen who named him her “Hand”.
He is the guy you are going to have to talk first before meeting the queen, Olivia Prothemian. He takes all petitions for audiences to her and acts as her emissary. He is married to Jericho Valerius Aquila.
He is a 28 years old medium-sized male human with blue eyes and black hair. He stands 5’8” and weights 160 lbs. His world view is chaotic good in nature, and is a worshipper of Apollo.

Lucius Callidius

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