Lillithen Amara Galienus

Lyla Port


Lillithen Galienus:
Character level: 11
Classses and levels: Rough 1 / Ranger 4 / Bloodhound 6
Lillithen is a medium –sized female human with gray eyes and red hair. She stands 5’7”tall and weights 125 lbs. Her world view is Neutral good in nature.

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Lillithen Amara Galienus/ Lyla Port

Lillithen is one of the daughters of Bishop Claudius Galienus. She was born in the Isle of Dawn and was a sort of a rebel among her siblings. She lived in Bostnacus since she was 8 years old. There she learned about nature and animals so she became a ranger. After Bostacus they moved to Travelaris where she met her best friend Arthait Mcfist, daughter of Corcyra Mcfist. When she was 18 years old they ran away to look for their own experiences as adventurers. Together they joined a group of heroes leaded by a bard named Galero Epyllion D’eternus with which they are still traveling the Isle of Dawn in search of new and fantastic adventures.

Lillithen Amara Galienus

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