Leiliana Greyward

Travelling Bard


Leiliana Greyward
Female Thyatian Human, Bard: 6


Leiliana Greyward is a young female human with little renown as a bard. Lived in a small village close to Thyatis City, named by her father’s father, which she never met.
She left her home to become a bard in search for adventure and life beyond the village. When she was young, she met a boy named Troyus, who she criticized for his actions. Little is known of their relationship, but they shared a room at the inn in Thyatis for quite some time and where rumored to be lovers. She had a way with words, being able to convince Troyus to stop assaulting people and start helping travelers and defend them. A few days later he left the town with a small group of merchandisers leaving her alone in the town. She stayed there for a few days and left to adventure forth to Specularum, at least that’s what the rumors said.

She was never heard by Troyus again, but he knew that her wishes where to go to Specularum to find real stories to sing about.

Troyus Bloodstone finds a friend: Leiliana Greyward in Specularum taking a trip to Ierendi to sing in a festival:
“ I have been looking for you for months. I discovered that the Halfling that killed your parents, his name is Volet Firespitter. He was here in the Kingdom of Karameikos but I don’t know to where he travelled from here… “

Leiliana Greyward, Troyus Bloodstone friend, goes to Ierendi for the Celebration of the Sea. “ I can’t wait in Specularum for a full month. I’m leaving today, I can’t miss the festivals. But don’t worry, I can wait for you in Ierendi City. Ask for me in The School of the Arts, I will tell them were I’m staying. Troyus, you have found a good group of adventurers, I will love to hear about your travels. What happened to Benedetto Difusallo and the mission for Troyos Machistes? Wait! Don’t tell me. You can tell me in Ierendi, I have to go. “ – She kisses Troyus and boards the ship who is departing to Ierendi. “ See you in the isles! ”

Leiliana Greyward

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