Leica Woodsplinter



Leica Woodsplinter
Dwarven Female Expert: 6


Leica Woodsplinter is a woodcrafter who specializes in contraptions and toys. Her father works metal and she is seen as a little odd by the rest of the family as she likes to craft animals and plants. She is a kindred spirit, a young rebel, always wears her cap with wooden wings and her gauntlets and boots. She repeats everything her father told her about thyatians and elves. “There are all a bunch of thieves and liars. That’s what me father says…”

Her shop’s name is The Toy Story.

Leica was found dead outside her little shop. The only witnesses declared that they saw the shadow of someone bigger than a dwarf. An investigation is conducted by Captain Frolina Dragonshield.

Leica is now a ghost who appeared to Dio Stoutspark:
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Dio Stoutspark is sitting in the room of the Inn in Highforge, the Band of the Wolf will leave the Barony the next day but he is thinking about the assassination of Leica Woodsplinter who happens after he spoke to her. With the little toy music box on his hand, Dio is thinking about going to the City Guard and declare what little he knows or wait for them to come for him. He worships the immortal Apollo, patron of music, truth, prophecy and light…
-Don’t worry about them and chat with me a while.

Dio jumps and the box falls from his hand to the floor. Sitting in the other side of the table is the ghost of Leica Woodsplinter.
-Try not to break my toys, rockhead! Me father was right, all thyatians are dumb.
-You are deeead…
-That I am.
-What do you want..?
-To tell you my story, thyatian, or are you deaf and dumb? Sit and hear.

Dio takes the box from the floor, places it in the table with trembling hands. He also picks the falling chair and sits in it in the table across from Leica.
-I have spoken before to you about me father. He didn’t like thyatians or elves. So, one night an elf or half-elf knocks in our door. She needed help and me father took advantage of her taking a precious dagger that belonged to her temple. It was a dagger with the symbols that I crafted in the box I sold you.
-A ceremonial Apollo dagger?
-The elf must have been from the Church of Thyatis and me father treated her bad and send her on her way. She never came back for the dagger but send someone to pick it up and me father lied about having the dagger just to piss the thyatian messenger.
-It was also a cleric of Apollo?
-Yes, that he was.
-I didn’t agree with what me father did. I never did. But many years later, when me complete family started fighting with me because I wanted to be a woodcrafter instead of a metalcrafter like them… I stole the dagger from me father.
-That’s when you opened your little shop?
-Before that. I needed money, so I got a small underground business with Vaaron Goldchain and the Iron Ring… I crafted some very dangerous “toys” in the form of animals to be used as traps to deliver poisons and things like that… They paid well, very well and I was able to buy me store. Then one day they started going around the store. “Making sure” I have spoken to nobody about the toys. I never knew why…
-They are assassins, you were making business with very dangerous people, Leica.
-Yes, I know, I’m ashamed but then I have this curse…
-A curse?
-I believe I have to pay for what me father did and I did. My first task is to help your stupid cleric elven friend.
-Frutumal Huntinghawk?
-Yes, and you have to help me too.
-Me? Why? I mean, I want to help you… but I don’t know why?
-I don’t know why, I only know these things: The immortal Apollo needed that dagger to complete a series of tasks. Tasks that are related to truth, prophecy and light. The dagger was smelted and I used the metal to made pieces that are inside the toys I made for the assassins and one another toy…
-The box you sold me?
-That’s the one.
-Follow Frutumal’s path. Help her in her quest so that she can see the truth. Once a day, the box will play a special music if you are in the right path to uncover the truth. Just turn the crank and ask.
-And how? Why?
-I can’t tell you no more… – Leica starts disappearing – but I will return in another moment…

Dio shakes his head. What has just happened? Is this my quest?
“Only Apollo knows…”


Sister Beranta Silveredge talks about Leica: " Leica’s body is in her families pantheon. Nothing strange has happened there. Her father was a very difficult dwarf, racist and he was accused years ago of stealing a ceremonial dagger of the Church of Thyatis from a travelling cleric named Kithkany. When he died a series of strange omens happened, all pointing to Leica. It was like his father or Moradin was telling her to atone for her father’s sins. She ignored the signs. "


Sister Beranta talks about ghosts: " Ghost could be souls with unfinished business who need to atone themselves to move on. They could be in that state because a immortal’s desire or mission. When the conditions are right, the ghost will move on… if not, a cleric should destroy it. "


Captain Frolina Dragonshield talks about Leica’s assassination: " Everything points to a series of contraptions crafted by Leica for criminal activities. The notes point to 9 machines in different shapes, all tiny sized and mechanical in nature. The plans were destroyed. At least the Iron Ring was involved but the machines could have been sold to other organizations like The Veiled Society and even independent assassins. "


The ghost of Leica Woodsplinter appears to Dio Stoutspark: “ You have done good for your first and easier mission! Your next step has been traced to continue your quest:
This second quest for you is to help two.
One is a dagger, the second a sheath,
First a poison vial, while second opens it.
Both are false, both are hiding.
One is searching for the other one.
Both could die by Leica’s hand.
Double entendre around all. “


Dio Stoutspark is waiting to board the ship to Ierendi when a voice talks to him.
- Try not to fall sleep or fall from the boat, you dumb thyatian.

He looks around and can’t see who is talking to him.
- Leica?
- Who else can be? Apollo? Prepare for the next item…

_” The hangman knows the path of his breath,
Is as long as a vampire’s kiss.
And a piece on embrace of this pearly place
Betrays trust given and kills.

The toy is playing with many victims
Who want the prize of conviction?
To find the piece a song must be written
And sang for the price of admission. “_

Leica Woodsplinter

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