Lali Surf-Rider

Captain Lali Surf-Rider of The Revenge


Lali Surf-Rider
Male Ierendi Elf Rogue:3/Fighter:3/Wizard:10
(Str 14, Dex: 18, Int 16)


Lali is captain of The Revenge, is one of the rare Elven Pirates of Ierendi. Her ancestors came from Minrothad Guilds and were enslaved by the Thyatian Empire and brought to Aloysius Island on Ierendi. Her family is still getting even with all thyatians… She focuses her effort and those of her crew on attacking Thyatian shipping whenever possible, and tries to avoid fighting any elves from Minrothad. Her left eye was lost years ago and it’s been replaced with a magical gem which allows her to Detect Magic, See Invisible, and Know Alignment at will. She can Dispel Magic with it 3 times a day, using her levels as a wizard for effectiveness. She is a stern Captain, and doesn’t mind losing a few people to kill more Thyatians. She has a reputation for victory which always attracts more crew.

Lali dislikes tricksters and liars (“your talking like a thyatian to me”) and will stop any negotiation with someone that she finds out is trying to trick her.

Lali Surf-Rider

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