The Fox Maiden


Lady Kitsune, The Fox Maiden
Female Ochalean Elf Human Chaotic Neutral
(actually Male Ochalean Human Werefox Shapechanger:6/Rogue:4 Neutral Evil)


Kitsune is a tall young maiden from Ochalea who acts as elder of the Village of Kuroiwa. They accept her even when she is exotic and cunning and likes that everything goes as she wants. More than once she has come to bad terms with the elder of the Village of Nimshi but as elder of the village, she has the skull of an ogre in her house given to her by the elder of the Village of Nimshi. She has a better relation with the Lupins than the Rakastas.

Lady Kitsune, as she likes to be called, is not an aristocrat, but dresses in clothing of low quality fabric that have been prepared to look like aristocract clothing. She behaves and speaks like an aristocrat and that impresses the commoners of the village. She knows diplomacy and ettiquete but is not noble born. She sometimes loses her temper and curses like a cart driver.

The people of the Village respect her even when she is a woman. She tells Raizak Derek that " the village had many years of bad luck and they needed order, protection, and good luck. I gave them more than that and they are grateful. " She also added: " A leader in my situation must be able to take tough decisions like thinking about using poison on potencial enemies. " annd served wine to Raizak.

Kitsune fears no witches nor gnolls and confronts everyone who comes to her village with a proud and calm voice.

Kitsume agrees with the Band of the Wolf for them to interrogate Huy Otgon " I prefer that he survives… " in exchange for help building the stone walls for the village.

After the events of the Lasimar Epic Final Game, Kitsune, keeps Huy Otgon as his slave, he doesn’t kill him. " Now that you have no one to fear, you will have to fear me. " And yes. Kitsume is discovered to be both a WereFox and a male in a double plot twist. He offers the Typhoon Dragon the location of the Village of Kasai so that he can go and tell the people of Shan Hou-Yan that he lost the game. Kitsune also asks the Band of the Wolf to keep his secret. " You could always have a warm bed and a cold beer waiting for you at the Village of Kuroiwa. "


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero