Kimiko Takahashi

Lady Kimiko Takahashi of the Nakajima Family


Lady Kimiko Takahashi
Female Ochalean Human Aristocrat: 9 Neutral Good


Lady Kimiko Takahashi is the wife of Lord Hiroshi Nakajima and the daughter of a wealthy family of the capital of Ochalea on the Celestial Domain.
Lord Hiroshi Nakajima and his wife, have five sons; Takashi (26 yrs old) is the oldest and right hand to my father. Who he is very proud of his commitment to their family and heritage. Katsurou (24) has involved himself with the protection of our kingdom and the political intricacies of the government. Haruki (21) is the artist of the family and Haruto (20) is the scholar. Both living in the capital and visiting only once a year. And Yoshirou is the youngest who decided to follow the monk tradition and travel the word.

Lady Kimiko Takahashi is an aristocrat of word and action, who respects tradition and knows sacrifice and honor. She wants her sons to do the same. He compares his five sons with a five headed sea serpent were each head represents Strenght, Dexterity, Inteligence, Wisdom and Charisma. She asks of her servants and family to do the same as she does: to respect the family motto. “ Tradition makes us guardians of honor: The Honor of Our Nation, The Honor of Our Business and The Honor of Our Family. “

Lady Kimiko is friend of Province Governor Guin Po and Librarian Master Win Po of the city of Waping Piao.

Kimiko Takahashi

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