Kero Lockeater

Master Lock and Key Crafter


Kero Lockeater
Male Dwarven Rogue:1/ Expert:9


Master Crafter Kero Lockeater has located his Lock and Key craft shop on the crafter’s center of the city of Highforge were he is a respected businessman and family man. He, and his father before him, had crafted locks for many a rich man in the whole Kingdom of Karameikos. Runmors are that in his youth, Kero was an adventurer, but that he left that live after only a few months and returned home to continue in the family business.

Kero will charge depending on the complexity and craftsmanship needed for the work. He will not take every job as he is a very busy dwarf, but he will be interested in complex tasks if offered as least 10% more of the standard price.

Kero Lockeater

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