Big Fat Keoni of The Harbinger


Big Fat Keoni
Captain of The Harbinger
Male Makai Human 52yo Fighter:9/Rogue:5 Chaotic Neutral

Big Fat Keoni measures 6’ 11" and weights more than 300lbs, he has a big boned body with long strong arms.

AC: 10 HP: (9d10 + 5d8 + 56) 150
S: 18 ( + 4) D: 10 ( + 0) I: 13 ( + 1) C: 12 ( + 1)
P: + 16 C: + 15 K: + 15 S: + 14
Attacks: Melee ( + 20 / + 10 / + 5), Range ( + 16 / + 11 / + 6)
Damage: Unarmed (1d3 + 4), Great sword ( 2d6 + 6, 18-20/x3), Heavy Croosbow (1d10)
Feats: Unarmed Strike, Improved Grab, Grapple Master, Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave


Keoni is captain of The Harbinger, is the most noted pirate captain of Roister Island on all of Ierendi, weighing as much as two, maybe three average pirates, but easily able to outfight several times his weight worth of pirates, he likes his intimidating name. Keoni’s family is a fair mix of makai and ierendi. He has a soft spot for any Makai and at times has helped rescue Makai slaves from Ierendi and other countries when he thought he could get away with it. However, he has a grudge against Hin pirates ever since one mocked him as being fatter than an ogre, the halfling roasted Keoni at a perform party until Keoni lost his temper. Despite the official friendship with the Five Shires, he will happily attack Hin pirates if he thinks he can get away with it. His crew are all makai and they love him.

It is know that he has four wives in four different islands of Ieredi and eighteen sons and daughters with them. He believes in " a girlfriend in each port " also has at least three more women in different ports with sons that he cares about. He has a big appetite, loves women, food and wine. Speaks with a grutural high volume voice and laughts all the time even when mad.

A small black wood or onix ring with a carved skull adorn his little finger on his left hand. He kisses it each time he makes a promise or curses.

In his ship The Harbinger, Keoni has travelled as far as Ochalea to attack ships and bring back to Ierendi exotic goods.

SECRET: Without nobody knowing in Ierendi, Keoni and Sao Feng are business partners and owners of a import and export merchantile business called the The Happy Islander. People believe that Keoni attacks ships o Ochalea to get their cargo and sell it in Ierendi City and Specularum but in reality he has a legitimate business in the city of Waping Piao with 2 more wifes and 10 sons.


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