The Love Hag


Kazada The Love Hag
Female Makai Human 49yo Commoner:4 Chaotic Good


" I can’t barely stand the existence of a lonely soul."

Kazada The Love Hag is one of the personalities of Tokraka a village located on Ierendi Island. She goes very far to make sure that everyone is having a good time. She goes as far as offering herself to the arms of lonely visitors. She knows all the locals and all the services offered on the village.

She offers her services to visitors to help people find a love partner in and attempt to make sure everyone is happy when visiting Tokraka.

She dresses like her own version of the Pirate Captain Ursula.

" Welcome to the village of Tokraka! My name is Kazada, I’m here to make sure that your stay is a happy experience. Everyone is happy here, we are happy to receive you, and we hope to do every thing in our power to make you leave with a happy memory of Tokraka. "

" Because you are a big group I can offer you our family villas of very good quality with a capacity for five people each at the modest price of 20gps the night (4gps per person) . Additional food for each family is 5gps per day (or 1gp per person). "

" Ask me or any of the village’s people for anything you desire. We will try to make your stay a happy one. "


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