Kanaga Shigetsuna

Commander Kanaga Shigetsuna


Commander Kanaga Shigetsuna
Waping Piao Military Quarters
Male Ochalean 51yo Fighter: 6 / Master Samurai: 6 Neutral Evil


Commander Kanaga Shigetsuna is the commander of the Ochalea soldiers of Waping Piao Military Quarters and was the Governor of the prison The Celestial Pit. He has under his charge 300 soldiers. Kanaga is a warrior of high enough experience but low patience who has sent more than one person to jail for failing to follow his instructions. He believes humans and himself to be superior to non-humans, and has a very low respect for arcane spellcasters. He is in a constant state of distrust toward Commander Mori Izo.

Captain Pos Lio of the City Guard works under the direct command of Province Governor Guin Po and The Celestial Pit was placed under his command. This arrangement places Captain Pos Lio and Commander Kanaga Shigetsuna – who is his actual superior – at the same level of authority, The Commander has more power and responsibility outside of Waping Piao and Captain Pos Lio inside the city and in the jail The Celestial Pit.

Commander Kanaga Shigetsuna and his family live in the Waping Piao Sun Quarters. He has a special ceremonial katana crafted in the Waping Piao Alchemical Halls.

Unit 6-13 – Ochalean Regiments (Difangbing)
Armies of Ochalea

Kanaga Shigetsuna

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