Julius Corcha

Admiral of the Navy


Julius Corcha
Admiral of the Ierendi Royal Navy (Official of the Tribunal)
Male Human Ierendi 49yo Fighter: 11 Lawful Neutral


Admiral Julius Corcha is the leader of the Ierendi Royal Navy of Ierendi a very proud and obsessed man who has more than a few victories in his reputation. Julius is married to Dinal Paka, an officer of the Ierendi Tribunal like himself.

Corcha is a man with duty and art in his mind. He lives in a big house located on Ierendi City Northshore but dedicates much of his time to his work at both the Ierendi Naval Academy and the Ierendi Naval Quarters. He is a personal friend of Queen Marianne and is eager to defend her honor at any moment (not that she needs a man to defend herself).

Julius Corcha

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