Jol The Tigress

Barbarian Female


Jol The Tigress
Chaotic Good Female Elf-High Barbarian:1
125yo, 96lbs, 5’1”


Jol was raised among a savage tribe of killers, who slayed innocent men, women and children for mere sport, but she was born with a strong moral compass: she broke free from the tribe, and wander the world alone. She did some unspeakable things in the past, for which she hates herself deeply and furtively. Above all else, she is physically unable to kill an innocent person: only the guilty can fall before her, those who deserve to die. She is alone. She is angry. But know this: she is her own law. She was born (or raised) on a tribe of Penniless Social Class that lives on the Isle of Dawn. She has a tiger named Refinej who she has teach the following tricks: Attack, Come, Defend, Down, Guard and Seek.

Jol The Tigress

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