John Silver

Quartermaster of The Walrus


John “Deface” Silver
Quartermaster of The Walrus
Charlatan – 32 -year-old male. Height: 5’9”.
Rogue: 4/ Fighter:4
Primary skills: Profession (Sailor) (Cook) 8/6, Diplomacy, Bluff, Intimidate, Disguise, Gather Information and Use Rope 5.
Feats: Quick Draw, Persuasive, Charlatan, Trustworthy, and Alluring.


John Silver has been with The Walrus’s crew for years. Originally he joined the crew when the ships cook, mysteriously died of food poisoning on the Kingdom of Thothia back when Captain James Flint’s son was just dropped off in the Military Academy, to take his place.

Since then Silver has climbed the ranks slowly but surely. He has never been above challenging Flint’s authority in the ship. But with his new position as Quartermaster, he has gotten bolder at it. Though their relation is not the best, Silver recognizes that Flint and him must coexist for both of them to survive on their line of work and especially on the Walrus crew.

Just recently Silver found that the Alphatian army is looking for the Captain’s youngest son. He saw the boy grow, when he was the ships cook, on the ship and he basically raised him as a Cabin boy on the ship, under the instructions of the Captain. What he will do with this new information he obtained is still a mystery even to him…

John Silver

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