Ji Kassa

Owner of the The Seven Winds


Mistress Ji Kassa
Owner of the The Seven Winds
Female Rakasta 40yo Fighter: 9 / ?? Neutral ??
S: 16 ( + 2) D: 16 ( + 2) C: 16 ( + 2) I: 11 ( + 0) W: 12 ( + 1) C: 18 ( + 4)


" I love hunting hunters. "

Mistress Ji Kassa is a rich city rakasta that lives in a mansion on Waping Piao Sun Quarters with her human servants, almost all of them are ochalean humans but she has four special servants: an alphatian male servant called Bond, a thyatain male servant called Dominos, an ochalean halfling called Sadish and another elven male servant called Mashsm.

Ji Kassa is a hedonist, proud, manipulative rakasta that likes to play with men. She enjoys food, wine, dance, sex and playing with people’s hopes. She claims to be from the same community as Chaei Tun The White, the Village of Nimshi.

Her reasons to live in the city, far away from her people are unknown. Some believe she was raised by ochalean nobles and others believe that she is actually a dangerous and murderous Rakshasa who gained legal immunity after betraying the Clan Sheeastas guild.

What’s general knowledge is that she has a collection of information and trophies of creatures from many parts of the Known World including Ochalea, Isle of Dawn and the continent of Brun. She enjoys to hear about hunts and to acquire hunting thropies but i suknown if she does hunt in the wild.

Ji Kassa is the owner of a tavern named The Seven Winds that is located in the entrance of the Waping Piao Sun Quarters. She has other business entrerprises on Waping Piao that makes her good gold. She has connections in the city even when is clear she doesn’t respect well the ochalean’s culture at least inside her mansion. There she plays by her own rules.

It was discovered that Chaei Tun The White has a brother named Venter Tun and they are both sons of the Elder of the Village of Nimshi. Mistress Ji Kassa of Waping Piao told the Band of the Wolf that Chaei and her were friends. She showed Chaei the marvels of the world and he took his heritage from his father and left the Village to travel the world. His brother Venter hates him for doing that.

Ji Kassa’s mansion was searched by General Rusianus Vladetronus’s soldiers until they found a secret vault with weapons, gold and other valuables. She was arrested of conspiring against the Thyatian Empire by providing weapons for the Shima Rebellion.

Ji Kassa

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