Chief of Kobos


Governor of Safari Island
Chieftain (Kahuna) of Kobos
Male Makai Human Fighter:5/Aristocrat:5 Neutral


Chief (or Kahuna) Jhonuko is the leader of the Makai of Kobos on Safari Island. He is in his forties and still a strong hunter and fisherman. He has a wife, Tuaki(!), four sons and a daughter. His brother Quelo(!) used to be a pirate and his sister Olana(!) works on the safaris on Sindaba Tower. Rumors are that Chief Jhonuko’s pendant is a powerful talisman that protect him against evil magic.

Chief Jhonuko has hunted with Queen Marianne and has a long rug on his house made of hydra skin that she gave him as a gift.

The Kahuna of Safari Island has a special love of the elderly Imapa Totuaka and defends him from the claims that he is senile.


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero