Jericho Valerius Aquila

Sorcerer and Fighter


Character level: 16
Classes/levels: Sorcerer 6 / Fighter 9 / Rogue 1
Jericho is a 29 years old medium-sized human with green eyes and blonde hair. He stands 5’9” tall and weights 164 lbs. His world view is chaotic good in nature and is a worshipper of Apollo. He is married to Lucius Callidius and both are members of the Order of the Rose.


Jericho was born in Hagar (called the Black Eagle Barony at that time). His father was Marcus Antonius Valerius, a soldier from the Thyatian Empire who lost a leg in battle and was stranded in Hagar. There he met a beautiful woman named Lavinia Aquila who nursed him back to health. They fell in love and married.
They had a happy life and he became the town’s weapon smith. They had 5 children; Lysander (deceased) who at the age of nineteen left to join the rebels against Black Eagle, Helena (30 yrs old) is as beautiful and kind as her mother and now is a healer at the temple of Apollo, Jericho, and the twins, Demetrius and Dollabella (23 yrs old).
When he was 16 years old Jericho’s father was taken away by soldiers during one of the Baron’s frequent raids. This event changed his path in life since he decided to go after his father. He joined the rebels like his brother and became a slave to infiltrate a new group of adventurers who had arrived to Karameikos. This group was the beginning of a larger one now best known as Dusk and Dawn. This group of heroes and the rebels, with the help of Queen Olivia, where able to topple the Baron.
Ludwig von Hendriks, Black Eagle was to be executed in a public ceremony. Everyone was happy. But the celebration was short lived. Too short. The archers fired hitting the target right on the chest killing him instantly. But, alas, it was an illusion. It wasn’t Black Eagle who was killed but Jericho’s brother Lysander, leader of the rebels. The Baron had escaped.
Grieving but content of having helped unshackled Hagar from the tyranny of the Baron he returned home to his family and his boyfriend Lucius. His father was never found.
Nowadays he’s living in Hagar and working towards its advancement as the Kingdom of Karameikos’ main shipyard. This has brought prosperity and economic growth to Hagar. The town has become an important port and its beaches are a famous tourists destination.

Jericho Valerius Aquila

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