Ex-Captain of The Sea Wolf


Male Makai Human Fighter:2/Expert:2 Neutral


Captain Javio is a Makai human from Ierendi that has been working for more than 5 years as captain of The Sea Wolf. He talks a lot (and a lot) and looks like he always have a story to tell related to the conversation at hand.

At the moment of arriving to The Great Port on Ierendi City, he was addressed by the Mad Sea Druid and the ship attacked by the druid’s animal companion Oktodik. The owner of the ship, Marcus Regan fired him and throw him in the hands of the local Ierendi Royal Guard.

Enchanted, Javio answers to a disguised Raizak Derek half confused, half relieved that someone is there to help him: " I’m not a bad person, but then bad things do happen to a good person and a good person can be forced to do bad things… She is a very bad person, and if you are involved you are in peril like me. I didn’t stole the context of the chest. I got the chest from an agent of Redbeard who gave me the chest on Specularum and told me to deliver it to a man on Ierendi City. He told me that the man will recognize me and will approach me with a small parchment and the parchment will have a small painted red starfish. I don’t know who he was talking about. I don’t know what was on the chest, I’m sorry. " – Javio sobs for a moment and then he cleans his tears – " There is a way to know how the Mad Sea Druid is involved in all this. How he found out about the chest and why he stole it from me. The Mad Sea Druid knew what was inside and it appears to be something bad. The chest had the mark of the Takala Tritons. " – Javio’s face changes to one of fear – " I don’t want Her to kill me. " The guards take him away.

Javio is moved to Livingworth Tower on Aloysius Island to stay for a 2 years sentence for smuggling.


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero