James Flint

Captain of The Walrus


Captain James Flint Sr. of The Walrus.
Smuggler – 37 -year-old human male. Height: 6’0”.
Primary skills: Appraise 8, Profession (Sailor) 8, Diplomacy , Bluff, Intimidate, Use Rope 5.
Feats: Quick Draw, Weapon Finesse, Persuasive.


James Flint is a highly recognized figure among the piracy world not for being cruel, but for being resourceful. He has been traveling all over the world on his ship The Walrus, making a living with his crew. He prides himself on his capacity to intimidate people into doing his will, but he has tremendous diplomatic skills, which have gotten him out of trouble with authorities in more than one occasion.

He never spends more than a month in a port and only if the port has profitable opportunities or better yet information. Every year he gives his crew a port leave of a month and a half in the port of Stonewall. Some of his rivals believe he keeps a residence here but none of them are sure since he is a very private man with his affairs and his sons have all been sent into the military when they come of age. He travels all around Alphatian Empire, Thyatian Empire, Minrothad Guilds and Ierendi.

In the last few months he has kept to his routine save for two things. He is always keeping a look out for his youngest son Nathaniel J. Flint who is currently a fugitive from the empire, for what purpose no one knows yet, and keeping a close eye on his crew’s discipline and loyalty. The second thing is his travels to get exotic goods from Ochalea.

About a month ago, Commander Kanaga Shigetsuna used some of his troops to arrest a smuggler and his crew. The Port Administrator Loito Hitiko was very happy with that arrest of the crew of The Walrus.

James Flint

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